No. 81 (2007)

S. Samurović:
[PDF, 4.94MB]

The book deals with the problem of the existence of dark matter in the elliptical galaxies with and without X-ray haloes. The author uses high quality long-slit spectra obtained from various sources related to the field, binary, group and cluster galaxies from which, after the reduction procedure, full line-of-sight velocity profiles were extracted and modelled. The X-ray data were used whenever available and the mass estimates based on globular clusters and planetary nebulae are also presented and compared to the other estimates. The book is organized as follows. Introduction gives the basic features of elliptical galaxies and a detailed review of the dark matter research in these galaxies. Chapter 1 presents theoretical concepts and observational results regarding stellar kinematics in elliptical galaxies. Dynamical modelling of the galaxies is given in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is dedicated to the analysis and mass estimates of the elliptical galaxies with X-ray haloes. In Chapter 4 abundance indices of several ellipticals are studied and modelled. Chapter 5 presents the results of the total mass (and the total mass-to-light ratios) of elliptical galaxies based on globular clusters and planetary nebulae. Finally, the conclusions are given in Chapter 6.